So nice to meet you!

I’m Amanda Parker, the owner and creative mind behind Marathon Designs.  I’m a graphic designer turned mom, turned virtual assistant, turned born again graphic designer.

I’ve been designing for about 10 years, but entered the online entrepreneurial space in 2016.  One of the things I realized almost immediately is that there are some amazingly talented women out there busting their butts to build their businesses, but their message and talents were being lost because they came up short in their visual presentation.

So with my knowledge of the online space paired with my passion for great design, Marathon Designs was born.

The goal of Marathon Designs is to help you work smart by creating strong, clear visuals to help you attract clients by presenting them with pieces in which the design matches the value of your content.  

Think of your ebook, opt-in, lead page, social media accounts, etc as your first date with someone you really hope to hit it off with.  Are you going to show up sans shower in yoga pants and a sweatshirt?  Probably not.  You want to WOW them — and I will help you do that!  (Your future clients that is.  Although I am happy to give any advice on first date outfits!)

When I’m not pouring myself into my latest design project, you can find me spending time outdoors with my husband and two toddlers, training for my next marathon, drinking way too much coffee or trying to squeeze in time to read my next book club book.

I’d love to hear from you to learn more about your business and find out in what areas you're ready to step up your design game. You can email me at

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